PrintDevizor Print Visualization Tool Released

LONDON - At MacExpo London, UK firm Stonecube launched a new product for the print magazine business, PrintDevizor. The software package allows print designers to visualize standard print, including special inks and decorative finishes, in a 3D environment with the ability to apply different lighting conditions.

In other words, PrintDevizor allows you to see what your magazine, book cover, greeting card, brochure, or other printed design will look like in a virtual environment, which eliminates the need for test prints and guesswork.

The software allows you to choose a substrate, and then apply effects and finishes to the image. Print models can then be rotated 360 degrees in various lighting conditions to see how that light and the viewing angle affects the image.

PrintDevizor is priced at £995 (plus VAT). The company is offering an introductory price of £750 at MacExpo. You can visit the company at stand 415.

You can find more information on PrintDevizor at the Stonecube Web site.