Print Your Own Steve Jobs/Darth Vader Halloween Mask

If youire looking for the ultimate geek Halloween costume, look no further than a satirical article at Forbes that offers you multiple ways to literally get your geek on. The magazine is offering up a satirical look at different business people mocked up in Star Wars masks that you can then print up to wear yourself. At the top of the list is Steve Jobs as Darth Vader, mixing two genres into one mask.

Forbesi Steve-Jobs-as-Darth-Vader mask

Forbesi write up of Mr. Jobs: "Steve Jobs as Darth Vader Net worth: $3.3 billion Source of wealth: Apple Computer and Pixar Steve Jobs was the chosen one who promised to make things right in the computing world. But as time passed, his hunger for power took over, leading him to sue hapless bloggers and embrace dark arts, like digital-rights management."

In other words, Forbesi choice as Darth Vader for Mr. Jobs was deliberate, and it certainly wasnit entirely complimentary, but the magazine does actually provide a full sized, printable version of the mask, complete with cut lines.

Other business execs included in the article are Martha Stewart as Padme Amidala, Alan Greenspan as Yoda, Oprah Winfrey as Princess Leia, and Sergey Brin & Larry Page as R2-D2 & C-3P0.