Program Adds Instant Messaging Features To FileMaker

Life Success Institute has updated their application for use with FileMaker Pro, Schedula Professional. Schedula Professional adds a host of features to FileMaker Pro including instant messaging, e-mail sending and management, and appointment reminder capabilities. According to Life Success Institute:

Life Success Institute today announced the release of Schedula Professional 6.0.4, which adds, among many other enhancements, full-featured instant messaging, including the ability to send outgoing mail simultaneously to all users, quoting of original message text in replies, date and time stamping of all mail, optional message tags, and much more. Also included is an archival system for independent storage of important notes, plus the ability to print customizable reminder cards for appointments. Altogether, more than a dozen new features have been added to the program.

"While this is a significant upgrade", said spokesperson C. J. Weigand, "we assigned an incremental version number so that our registered users would be be able to receive a free update."

Schedula Professional is a powerful enterprise-driven appointment scheduler for use with FileMaker Pro 5.0 or later. A serious program for serious users, SkedPro delivers superior performance and reliability.

Pricing for Schedula Professional starts at US$395. You can find more information at the Life Success Institute Web site.