Programmers: New PowerPlant Classes Generator Available

Cafederic has announced the release of BasePlant, a collection of more than 200 classes to enhance PowerPlant, the flagship framework from Metrowerks. The latest release incorporates a new, simplified, "generic" way of creating classes. According to Cafederic:

"When I first saw BasePlant, about a year and a half ago, Iive was astonished by the features and the quality of the product," said Hugues-Antoine Oliver, a Mac OS developer for over ten years. "I decided to join Eric Forget (the owner of Cafederic) to leverage BasePlant development for making applications with a friendlier interface and standard behaviors."

The list of BasePlantis attributes includes:

  • Do you need a full-featured Finder like a hierarchical data browser, or a simple Appearance Manager savvy list? The BasePlant browser provides all the features you could ask for a data browser that is as easy to use as the well known Finder. It supports drag and drop, popup selection, check boxes, and more.
  • You want to maintain and synchronize a folder hierarchy with its associated files? Better yet, you want to put them in a menu? The Folder Parser classes will reduce your work to a minimum.
  • Do you want a dynamic Script menu that updates itself whenever a user adds a new script to its hierarchy? Do you want to attach a script to a button or a menu item? Here is the solution in just one line of code!
  • Tired of having to write dozens of lines of code just to send a simple AppleEvent? Our AppleEvents wrapper makes it as easy as typing just a few lines of code.
  • Youid like a simple way to manage user preferences? With the Preferences classes, all you have to do is call the "SetItem" and "GetItem" member functions.
  • You want a starting point like in AppleWorks? BasePlant provides everything you need to create one.
  • You want a starting point like in AppleWorks? BasePlant provides everything you need to create one.
  • The Mac OS X BasePlant will be available, free of charge, before the release of Mac OS X. BasePlant has been carbonized and tested with Carbon on Mac OS 9.

BasePlant is available for reduced price for the first 30 days following the release. For that limited time, the commercial version will cost US$95 while the personal version will be available for US$25. After that, the versions will cost $149 and $35, respectively. You can find more information at Cafedericis Web site.