Project Managment Software Adds Palm Support

AEC Software has updated their project management package, FastTrack Scheduler, to version 7.0. The new version contains a host of new features, but most importantly adds support for the Palm computing platform, allowing project notes and objectives to be easily stored and transported. According to AEC:

AEC Software, leading developers of business productivity solutions, today announced the simultaneous release of FastTrack Schedule 7.0 and the compatible FastTrack Schedule 7.0 for Palm OS. The two new versions each contain innovative features that streamline the project planning process, ensuring accuracy and increasing productivity. Whether used separately or in tandem, these products provide a comprehensive solution that benefits novice schedulers as well as professional project managers in and out of the office.

About FastTrack Schedule 7.0
This major upgrade to the award-winning project manager provides a wealth of customization options and precision planning tools. FastTrack Schedule 7.0 is flexible, adjusting to suit the work styles of individual users. In addition to Gantt charts, project details may be viewed as resource graphs or traditional calendars with three separate displays-The Schedule, Resource and Calendar Views. Custom Ranges and a QuickRange Palette make it easy to determine precisely what span of time is shown on-screen at any time. A project manager may even personalize his or her workspace by moving, hiding and docking palettes for optimum efficiency.

The addition of resource tracking in FastTrack Schedule 7.0 allows users to set custom work calendars for each person or piece of equipment, allocate them to specific tasks, and display the information within a concise bar graph. Fifteen new fields and columns track more project details, and users may enter precise start and finish times for each activity with the ExpressTimeTM Pop-Up Clock. The new Critical Path identification feature highlights the trail of tasks with the least flexibility for change. Real-time collaboration across Macintosh or PC environments promotes communication and ensures accuracy as team members work simultaneously to create and edit schedules. A built-in Palm Manager syncs schedules between the desktop and Palm versions, giving mobile project managers quick access to project details.

FastTrack Schedule 7.0 also includes a Project 2000TM Exchange Wizard, Dynamic Range Filters, QuickLook Balloons, Web Help, Unicode Character Support, and Smart Cursors, as well as numerous enhancements to existing features. The Macintosh version of FastTrack Schedule is also fully compatible with Mac OS X.

FastTrack Schedule is available for US$299, and the Palm version is available for US$99. You can find more information at the ACE Software web site.