Project Organizer Updated With New Features Software has updated its project organizer, Studiometry, to version 1.2. Studiometry is designed to help freelance designers, consultants, architects, etc. keep their projects and clients organized. The new release includes several new features, as well as Windows compatibility. From Software: Software, a graphics design/software company, releases a huge update to the best organizational tool for freelancers: Studiometry.

Studiometry is the best tool on the Macintosh, and now Windows, platform for Freelance designers, Consultants, Tech Support Personnel, Architects, and many more. Studiometry keeps everything in one convenient location: Client data, Project data, Project files, To Dois, Debts, Invoices, Reports, Notes, and more.

Studiometry 1.2 adds Windows compatibility, allowing users to copy their data file to a Windows computer and access it exactly as they would on the Mac. This update also adds customizable project specs, a completely new Alerts window, multi-threading, and many other new features and updates.

New In Version 1.2:

  • Windows compatibility
  • Added customizable specs
  • New "Alerts" window shows all To Do, Invoice, and Recurring Debt alerts in one location
  • Multi-Threaded main window
  • Completely rewritten save/load code (improves reliability and speed, compatible with old save files)
  • Moved project specs to a separate window
  • Project specs category name turns bold when there are specs entered into the category
  • Project Notes and Logs button turns bold when there are notes or logs available
  • Fixed problem with checkmarks staying checked in the wrong row of a listbox when sorting by a date or number
  • Resizes My Logo correctly
  • Can import more file types for My Logo
  • GUI enhancements
  • Contextual menu in to do window now updates when attached-to information is changed
  • Changed default for Auto-Save
  • Expense report and project list exports now have correct file extensions
  • Fixed bug that would crash when editing an existing invoice attached to a project that has a running timer attached
  • Fixed problem with Calendar popup dates not saving into clients/projects when selecting another one too soon
  • Fixed issue with Stop-On-Quit option for running timers
  • Fixed problem with Sample To Dois
  • Fixed bug that wouldnit allow To Dois to be attached to nothing
  • Fixed problems with Client Addresses popup menu
  • Fixed problems with pictures for MyIcon
  • Fixed problems with Running Timers and pause time
  • Fixed many small GUI/Speed problems

Studiometry is priced at US$54.99, and that price entitles registered users to free upgrades through version 2.0. You can find more information on Studiometry at Softwareis Web site.