Propellerhead Announced Three Reason Bundles

Propellerhead announced Tuesday three new bundles of various Reason configurations. Reason Premium Edition, Propllerhead Studio Combo, and Propellerhead Rhythym Combo combine Reason and different combinations of ReFills into bundles at a significant cost savings.

Propellerheadis new Reason bundles

Reason Premium Edition includes a full version of Reason 4 (regularly priced at US$499), along with Reason Drum Kits ($129), Reason Pianos ($129), Abbey Road Keyboards ($229), and Reason Electric Bass ($129). The last four components are all part of Propellerheadis "Hypersampled ReFills" series that is intended to offer instrument samples based on numerous recording techniques. This bundle is priced at US$599 (€499).

Propellerhead Studio Combo is a bundle of just the four above-mentioned ReFills -- Reason Drum Kits, Reason Pianos, Abbey Road Keyboards and Reason Electric Bass ReFills -- without Reason 4 itself. The Studio Combo bundle is priced at $299 (€249).

Propellerhead Rhythm Combo bundles just the Reason Drum Kits and Reason Electric Bass ReFills for $149 (€149).

Reason is a digital sequencer that allows users to sequence music in a completely virtual environment. Synthesizers, drum machines, arpeggiators, and a multitude of sampled instruments can all be combined to create complex sequences that can then be used within Logic, Pro Tools, or other software recording solutions, or exported as standalone tracks.

The bundles are available today in Europe, and the company said they would be available in the U.S. on August 25th, 2008.