Propellerhead Announces Pascal Gabriel's Melophobia Machine ReFill for Reason

Propellerhead announced Tuesday Pascal Gabrielis Melophobia Machine ReFill, a ReFill for the companyis sequencing software, Reason. The new Reason add-on is built around the work of Pascal Gabriel, a record producer who has worked with bands including New Order, SiExpress, Debbie Harry, Natalie Imbruglia, and Europeis ever-popular Kylie Minogue.

Pascal Gabrielis Melophobia Machine ReFill includes guitar loops, samples, software instruments, bass patches, drum kits, FX loops, and more, all based on Mr. Gabrielis body of work.

The ReFill is priced at US$49 or €49. As of this writing, Propellerhead has not added the product to its Web site, though it did send out a URL that will be used to journalists.