Prowler Update Features User Requested Enhancements

Andrew Cunningham has released an update for Prowler, bringing it to version 2.3. Prowler is an image utility designed for the browsing and viewing of stored images. The update ships with several performance enhancements as well as some user requested features. According to Andrew Cunningham:

Announcing the release of Prowler 2.3, an update to Andrew Cunninghamis image browser, image viewer and management tool.

Prowleris aim is to present a collection of images in an attractive way, either for personal browsing, showing off to friends, or presentations.

Whatis new in this version?

  • Added a Print Preview, which allows the user to print image contact sheets (catalogs)
  • Advanced control over what is visible on a contact sheet, such as page numbers and image information
  • Added a slideshow manager. This allows you to set the exact order the images appear in the slideshow (via draw and drop), remove images, and set specific fades or wipes before individual images
  • Basic second monitor support added, as requested by Rick Montgomery
  • The slideshow can now resample pictures to remove jagged edges when zoomed in. Holding down "i" while presenting a slideshow shows image comments
  • Thumbnail loading is now a lot quicker
  • You can now specify the size of the thumbnails created by Prowler, as requested by Justin Miyamoto Weiner
  • Cleaned up some of the dialogs
  • Added an "Open with" contextual menu option, as requested by Andrew Robulack
  • Crash when pushing up before the first file, or down after the last file fixed. As noticed by Andrew Robulack
  • And much more...

You can find more information about the Prowler udpate at the Andrew Cunningham Web site. Prowler 2.3 is available for US$15.00.