Psystar Misses Another Deadline to Respond, Given Extension

Psystar has missed another deadline to respond to Appleis complaint, but has been given an extension to August 28th. This is not an unusual event, and extensions for filing are routinely granted.

An attorney who watches the case told TMO that Psystaris attorneys came in late, and such an extension is reasonable to allow them to prepare for such a complex case.

However, now that two extensions have been granted, thatis likely the limit of the courtis tolerance unless Psystar and its attorneys come up with a very good reason. The next deadline for a response is Aug 28, and more should be known at that time.

Apple is suing Psystar for violation of its shrink wrap license, trademark and copyright infringement. Appleis Mac OS X license says that the OS can only be installed on Apple labelled computers, but in May 2008, Psystar started shipping their own Mac compatible PCs with Mac OS X pre-installed.