Psystar Still Around, Updates Mac Clone Cases

The unauthorized Mac clone maker Psystar hasnit been shut down by Apple yet, and has even updated the cases for its computers. The new OpenMac tower cases replace their generic beige look for a much more Dell-ish flair.

Psystaris new Mac clone look.

Psystar made a splash when it opened shop in April with its Intel-based OpenMac computer that runs what the company claimed was an unmodified version of Mac OS X 10.5. Appleis user license, however, does not allow for a Mac OS X installation on non-Apple hardware, leaving many to wonder just how legit Psystaris business operations are.

More interesting than Psystaris continued dabbling in the Mac market, however, is Appleis apparent lack of action to stop the company from selling its computers with Mac OS X. The assumption when Psystar opened shop was that Apple would block the Mac OS X PC sales right away, but so far Apple appears to be ignoring the company.