Put Intel Inside Your Trash Can With New T-Shirt (With Pic)

RedLightRunner has announced a new T-Shirt sure to tickle the fancy of many a Mac user. "Intel Inside" is the theme, but the inside refers to a Mac trash can. True to the Mac OS paradigm, that trash can is in the bottom right hand side of the shirt too. According to RedLightRunner:

Iim writing to tell you about our great new "Intel Inside The Trash" T-shirt. Thatis right! Weive put the Intel Logo where it belongs: "in the trash". This cool new shirt is a must see , weire sure youill dig it! Weive made it available in two very attractive colors, Forest Green, and Navy Blue, and itis on sale right now!

You can find more information on the new shirt at RedLightRunneris Web site. The shirt is priced at US$15.95 with discounts available for multiple shirts.