Put Some Matrox Technology In Your G4 With New Dual-Monitor Video Card

Matrox, maker of high-end graphics cards, has announced that Matrox technology is used in a new graphics card built for Appleis G4. ProMax Systems has used the Matrox G400 graphics chip to build a new card that offers dual-monitor support, while only taking one expansion slot. The DH-MAX is fully compatible with Appleis G4 towers and, get this, supposedly the G4 Cube. The card for the G4 tower features 32MB of RAM, allowing monitors to be driven at high resolutions and refresh rates. Specifications on the Cube version have not yet been released. Combined with the power of the Matrox G400 chip set, the new card from ProMax looks promising. According to Matrox:

Matrox Graphics Inc. today announced endorsement for the DH-MAX, a dual display AGP graphics solution offered by leading Macintosh reseller, ProMax Systems, Inc., on the PowerMacintosh G4 and G4 Cube.

The DH-MAX is a 32 MB AGP-compatible graphics card based on the Matrox G400 chip?the same chip that powers the award-winning Matrox Millennium G400 graphics card?and is bundled with a Mac-based driver written by ProMax specifically for the DH-MAX. The desktop of choice for creative and scientific professionals, the Power Mac G4 leverages the DH-MAXis 300 MHz RAMDAC to output clear images and text in sharp color.

"ProMax has now made it possible for Mac users to benefit from Matroxis award-winning DualHead technology and at an extremely competitive price for this market space," said Mitch Furman, senior product manager, display technologies, Matrox Graphics Inc. "Matrox is delighted to see the scope of DualHead broadening among the computer industry."

In addition to outstanding 2D graphics performance, the Matrox G400-based DH-MAX boasts Matrox DualHead display capability. The addition of a second monitor, analog flat panel, or TV lets users view their work in greater perspective for added efficiency. As well, DualHead facilitates presentations with its ability to clone the desktop to a second monitor or a larger display such as a big-screen TV. Professionals using the Power Mac G4 and G4 Cube will appreciate the ability of the DH-MAX to power two displays simultaneously using a single AGP card, saving precious PCI slots.

The ProMax DH-MAX driver currently supports DualHead display and will include support for 3D and DVI in future releases.

About ProMax
ProMax Systems, Inc., is a leading developer and value-added reseller (VAR) of digital video editing systems using computers and components from ProMax, Apple, Matrox, Adaptec, Seagate, IBM, Canon, JVC, Panasonic, Adobe, and Boris. ProMax is a privately held company with headquarters in Southern California and engineering offices in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and Indianapolis.

The DH-MAX Dual Monitor AGP card is available for US$299. You can find more information at the ProMax Web site.

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