Quake I Source Released, Help Needed To Bring To Mac

id Software has released the source code for their original first person shooter smash hit, Quake. The source code that was released does NOT contain Mac compatible software rendering, only the code that supports software acceleration on Linux, DOS, and Windows. According to a letter we received from iDevGames Editor-in-Chief, Carlos Camacho:

id Software released the code for their hit game Quake 1. The code can be compiled for Linux, DOS, and Windows. The Software Renderer is written in ASM for speed. This leaves Mac developers to either create their own software renderer in ASM langauge (VERY HARD) or try to use OpenGL. Perhaps WestLake Interactive could help out in this effort? Please ask your readers to "politely" ask Mr. Carmack of id Software if the Power PC ASM software renderer can be included with the Quake 1 source code package.

You can find more information about the Quake I source code release at the iDevGames web site.