QuarkXPress 7.31 Improves Mac OS X 10.5 Support

Quark released QuarkXPress 7.31 on Wednesday with improved support for Mac OS X 10.5, or Leopard. The update for the professional page layout application also corrected text reflow issues, Adobe CS3 PDF import, issues with older fonts, and more.

The 7.31 update also improved spell checking by looking for duplicate words, correcting spacing errors after punctuation, ignoring Internet addresses and file location addresses, and ignoring words that include numbers. Spell checking and hyphenation support for the Norwegian Bokmâl and Nynorsk languages was added, and spell checking in German, Reformed German and Swiss German finds and corrects capitalization errors and the beginning and within sentences.

QuarkXPress 7.31 is priced at US$799. The update is free for version 7 users, and is available for download at the Quark Web site.