QuarkXPress 7: Latin American Edition

Quark has developed an unusual hybrid-language version of its professional page layout application, QuarkXPress, that is aimed at publishers in the English/Spanish/Portuguese markets. The hybrid version provides user interfaces in all three languages, and users can switch freely among those languages. Its spell checking and hyphenation engines include rules for Spanish, Portuguese and International English.

The Latin American Edition is aimed squarely at the Latin American and South American markets, where Quark has a strong presence. It will also be helpful for companies elsewhere who publish in these languages.

QuarkXPress 7 Latin American Edition will ship in the second quarter sometime before July, and is priced the same as the English edition at US$749. Upgrades from previous versions of QuarkXPress cost $249, and customers who purchase the U.S. English version between Jan 1 and Sept 30 2007 can exchange their license for the Latin American Edition at no charge.

[Thanks to Design Tools Monthly for the heads up.]