Quark Extension Allows Users To Copy And Paste Text With Ease

24U has released a new extension for Quark Express, 24U Paste Without Style. Paste Without Style allows Quark users to select a body of text to copy and paste, and the pasted text will inherit the style attributes of its new location, rather than carrying style from the previous location. According to 24U:

24U Paste without Style 1.0.1 is a new update of the successful XTensions software for DTP application QuarkXPress. Not only you ease and accelerate the process of moving your text, but also you avoid easily overlooked mistakes of a disunited text that may arise consequently upon its moving. The XTensions software 24U Paste without Style enables you to move the text to another place by a simple keyboard shortcut, and adopts all the text attributes (type, size, color of the font, etc.) of the selected place where the text is being inserted.

In addition, the new update 24U Paste without Style 1.0.1 also allows the right pasting of the text in an empty frame, and contains an improved "undo" function.

24U Paste Without Style is available for free. You can find more information at the 24U Web site.