QueueSocket For REALbasic Developers Now Shipping

Drew Hamlin of Vizspring Software has released a new app for Mac developers, QueueSocket 1.0. QueueSocket is an open-source Socket solution designed for REALbasic developers needing to improve Internet and network communications. According to Drew Hamlin:

QueueSocket 1.0, the first complete open-source Socket solution for REALbasic developers, was released today from developer Drew Hamlin of Vizspring Software.

QueueSocket is the first open-source solution made available to REALbasic developers to improve Internet and network communication using the Socket control. QueueSocket provides a simple introduction program as well as a complex, fully developed Network Tic-Tac-Toe game with accompanying source code and internet tracker application.

QueueSocket was created based on the fundamental principal that all data can fit into a queue data type, which in turn can be converted into a string and sent across a local network or the Internet.

You can find more information about the QueueSocket release at the Drew Hamlin Web site. QueueSocket 1.0 is available as freeware.

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