QuickBooks Pro 2005 For Mac Ships

Intuit has announced a new version of QuickBooks for the Mac, QuickBooks Pro 2005. QuickBooks is Intuitis very popular accounting solution, and the new version includes many improvements and enhancements. Intuit also stressed that QuickBooks Pro 2005 can share data more easily with Windows users of QuickBooks.

The company stressed what it calls customer-driven improvements in the new version. To illustrate that, Intuit says that one feature, the ability to add custom background images to invoices and documents, was added after San Francisco-based graphic designer Michael Grantham stopped by Intuitis booth at Macworld to ask for it.

QuickBooks Pro 2005 is more closely aligned with its Windows-based cousin. Though it has the same interface as the previous version of QuickBooks for Mac, its menu layout now matches the Windows version. The company said that this will make it easier to do things like get help from a Windows-using accountant.

Share your QuickBooks data with your accountant or other Windows users,
and open their QuickBooks files on your Mac.
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In addition, the new version converts data from QuickBooks Basic, Pro and Premier and Premier Accountant for Windows versions 2005 and 2004, making exchanging data between platforms easy.

Other new features:

  • Unbilled Costs: Helps users see where unbilled hours and expenses can be turned into more money to the business.
  • Underbilling Alerts: If there are any unbilled hours or expenses these timely reminders alert the user at the time the invoice is being created - so nothing is overlooked.
  • QuickZoom: Allows users to see the details behind the numbers in their Pay Bills and Receive Payments screens.
  • Inactive Items: Helps organize and de-clutter usersi customer, vendor and other lists by making unused items inactive. The information is hidden but can be reactivated at any time.
  • Sort Column: Allows users to sort lists by column such as customer balance or item price to better analyze and manage their information.

When you create an invoice, new alerts notify you of any
unbilled hours or expenses for that customer or job.
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The Mac version also integrates with iCal for scheduling and reminders, and the software will perform automatic back ups to a .Mac account. Neither feature is available to Windows users, as both iCal and .Mac are Mac-only products from Apple.

Avoid late fees and delayed payments by sending reminders
to Appleis iCal application from QuickBooks.
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The new package is available immediately for US$299.95. Existing QuickBooks customers are eligible for a $100 rebate for an upgrade price of $199.95. Amazon is offering QuickBooks Pro 2005 for Mac for $259.95, $40 off retail.

You can find more information on the software at Intuitis site.