QuickCode Pro For 4D Updated To 4.34

Aparajita Fishman has released an update for QuickCode Pro, bringing it to version 4.34. QuickCode Pro is a 4th Dimension plug-in designed to enhance programmer productivity. The new version has some user reported bug fixes. According to Aparajita Fishman:

Aparajita Fishman today announced the release of version QuickCode Pro 4.34. QuickCode Pro is a 4th Dimension plug-in which significantly enhances the 4D method editor and dramatically increases programmer productivity. This release primarily addresses bugs reported by users.

QuickCode Pro 4 includes dozens of features designed to reduce keystrokes and clicks and give instant access to important database information, including:

  • Standard 4D plug-in, no need to install directly in every copy of 4D
  • A quick-access toolbar at the top of each editor window with 15 standard tools
  • Fast access to table/field names and form references
  • Real system-level drag and drop
  • An industrial-strength Find and Replace with regular expression support
  • Programmable macros with auto-insertion into newly created methods
  • Auto-wrapping of 4D comments at the 80-character limit as you type
  • Instant access to 4D help

You can find more information about QuickCode Pro 4.34 at the Aparajita Fishman Web site. QuickCode Pro is a available for US$270.00, and upgrades from 4.x are free through September 30th.