QuickTime 5 Public Preview 2 Available

Some much needed good news came out of Apple today in the form of the second preview edition of QuickTime 5. The latest preview of QuickTime offers a number of new enhancements, including complete AppleScript support, and a Windows version. This preview release of QuickTime keeps the product on track for a final, official release at MACWORLD San Francisco. According to Apple:

The eagerly-anticipated Public Preview version of QuickTime 5 took the multimedia industry by storm. Now hereis QuickTime 5 Preview 2, incorporating a number of enhancements suggested by thousands of users and a version for Windows. Preview 2 also includes support for media skins (as announced at QuickTime Live!), plus extensive AppleScript support for Mac users.

You wanted to test and provide feedback on the next generation of digital media technology. Now hereis your chance. Try out QuickTime 5 Public Preview 2 at no additional cost during the preview period.

Hereis what QuickTime 5 gives you in addition to all the great QuickTime 4 features:

  • A brand-new interface. Sleek, elegant and easy to use, the new QuickTime player makes it a snap to organize your favorite content.
  • Skip Protection. See how good the streaming experience can be when you combine QuickTime 5 with its suite of exclusive new features and QuickTime Streaming Server 3.
  • News Flash. QuickTime 5 features Flash 4, so you can customize your multimedia experience with the power of Flash.
  • At 360, QuickTime VR is hot. QuickTime 5 features Cubic VR, letting you immerse yourself in 360 worlds. To see what we mean, check out the QuickTime Cubic VR Gallery.
  • Sound advice. The new music synthesizer that ships with the QuickTime 5 Public Preview supports DLS files and SoundFonts, so you get even richer audio capabilities.
  • Create movies that play on full automatic. On the Mac, you can automate the creation of media content with QuickTime Playeris enhanced AppleScript commands including the ability to turn any QuickTime file into a self-presenting, self-closing movie.

You can find more information, and download the latest version, at Appleis QuickTime web site.