QuickTime 6 Downloads Top 250 Million

Apple has announced a significant milestone in the media platform wars. The company says that QuickTime 6 downloads have topped the 250 million mark, a first for Appleis multimedia platform. Officially released in July of 2002, QuickTime is at the heart of not only music and movie playback on the Mac, it is the driving force for iPod and iTunes. Apple also points out in its press release that it used in some 225 digital camera models. From Apple:

Apple today announced that more than 250 million copies of QuickTime 6 have been downloaded in less than two years since its release. QuickTime is Appleis industry-leading, standards-based software for developing, producing and delivering high-quality audio and video over IP, wireless and broadband networks.

"QuickTime 6 is by far the most popular version of QuickTime ever distributed, with over 250 million copies downloaded and counting," said Philip Schiller, Appleis senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. "With QuickTime 6, Apple continues to be the industry leader in providing an end-to-end standards-based digital media delivery system."

As the platform of choice for content creators worldwide, QuickTime delivers the full media experience for thousands of unique software titles and enhanced music CDs and over 225 digital camera models from over 50 camera manufacturers. QuickTime was chosen by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) as the base file format for MPEG-4 and is at the core of the 3GPP and 3GPP2 standards.

You can find more information on QuickTime at Appleis Web site, including download links.