QuickTime Plug-in For REALbasic Updated

Essence Software has updated their QuickTime plug-in for REALbasic, VideoPlug, to version 1.2. VideoPlug allows REALbasic developers to incorporate QuickTime clips directly in their programs. According to Essence Software:

Essence Software is proud to announce the release of VideoPlug 1.2.

VideoPlug is a plugin for REALbasic which allows developers to utilise QuickTime-compatible video capture hardware in their applications to capture audio & video sequences.

VideoPlug 1.2 improves VideoPlug by adding:

  • Support for MacOS X (Carbon)
  • Programmatic control over grabber parameters (compression, brightness, contrast, audio gain, etc.)

VideoPlug also fixes some problems regarding the release of compression hardware after an application using VideoPlug had quit.

VideoPlug is available for US$100. You can find more information at the Essence Software Web site.