QuickTime Video Of Saturday's Store Opening

You arrived at The Mall of America early, say at 3:30 AM, in order to be first, second, or at least one of the first 10 people in line at the new Apple Store. Speaking of the line, it stretches off behind you many hundreds of people away, but who cares? You will be one of the first people through the black metal gate to see all the cool Mac goodies!

Whatis that? You werenit there? Or, if you were, you were the guy at the very end of the line who had to wait for 3 hours to get in, and you couldnit even hear the cheer when the gate went up? Never fear, because we bring you another great movie from Observer André Benassi (known as Retro in the TMO forums), this one of the opening of the store.

The movie is 34 seconds in length, with a total file size of 1.5 MB.

The Opening Of The Mall of America Apple Store
<embed src="http://homepage.mac.com/tmo12/.Movies/StoreOpening.mov" width="260" height="200" autoplay="true" controller="true" cache="true"></p>

Thanks to Retro for the another great movie; we will have additional videos from the event today as well.