QuickTome Movie Player From FEELORIUM

FEELORIUM is now shipping Full Screen Player for the Mac. Full Screen Player 1.0 is a QuickTime movie player designed for the organizing and full screen playing of movie files. The app ships with sound control and customizable sizing. According to FEELORIUM:

FEELORIUM has released Full Screen Player 1.0 today.

Full Screen Player is a full screen QuickTime movie player.

Full Screen Player is very easy to use. You can use Finder to organize your movie files, for example, make aliases of movies into a folder as a play-list. Then drag and drop movie files or folders onto the movie window of Full Screen Player.

You can change various options when watching movies:

  • Movie size: Normal Size, Double Size or Fill Screen
  • Presentation mode: Window or Full Screen
  • Sound: Balance, Bass and Treble
  • Speed: Fast Forward/Rewind or Slow Motion

You can find more information about Full Screen Player at the FEELORIUM Web site. Full Screen Player 1.0 is available for US$12.00.