QuickerTek Announces 1 Watt Transceiver for AirPort

QuickerTek, Inc. announced Monday a one watt transceiver for Apple AirPort users that extends the range of wireless networks more than a mile.

When used with a directional antenna, the company said the one watt transceiver (see photo below) will allow for wireless connections from building to building in Point to Point and MultiPoint wireless systems. Apple wireless products have a radio frequency output of only 30 millawatts, limiting its range to under 100 feet. QuickerTekis new one watt (or 1000 millawatts) transceiver extends AirPorts range by well over a mile.

"Since the introduction of our 27dBm Transceivers, customers have asked about extending wireless range from feet out past a mile," said Rick Estes, president of QuickerTek. "This 1 Watt Transceiver puts the stationary wireless installation within reach of those customers that really need this extended range technology. "

The new device operates on all 2.4 gigahertz, Wi-Fi systems and supports both 802.11g and 802.11b wireless networks. The Transceiver is designed especially for Apple users and works on all the AirPort enabled Mac desktops including G5 and Mac Mini.

The kit comes with mounting brackets, adapter cable, low loss coax, wall mounted power supply and utility software CD. The Transceiver does not require any installation software.

The one watt transceiver retails for US$400.