QuickerTek Intros Time Capsule Booster Antenna

QuickerTek announced the immediate availability of its Dualy Extreme Wi-Fi antenna booster for Appleis Time Capsule on Monday. The external antenna add-on is comaptible with 500GB and 1TB Time Capules, and QuickerTek claims it extends the deviceis wireless range up to five times compared to the built-in antenna.

The Dualy Extreme includes twin 500 milliWatt transceivers or twin 1 Watt transceivers. It is compatible with 802.11b, g, and n networks and lets Time Capsule operate at the full 2.4GHz range with its multiple antennas.

The twin 500 milliWatt model is priced at US$350, or $400 with QuickerTek installation on a user provided Time Capsule. The twin 1 Watt model costs $495, or $550 installed in a user provided Time Capsule. Both models are available at the QuickerTek Web site.