RAM Disk Utility Updated

Clarkwood Software has updated their RAM disk creation and management too, ramBunctious, to version 1.6. ramBunctious offers users greater flexibility in using and controlling one or more simultaneous RAM disks under Mac OS 8/9. According to Clarkwood Software:

Clarkwood Software announces the immediate availability of ramBunctious 1.6.

ramBunctious 1.6 is a RAM disk program for the Mac OS. Its rich set of features lets you customize your RAM disks for your desired balance of speed, security, safety, and versatility.

  • You can have several RAM disks mounted simultaneously, limited only by memory available.
  • ramBunctious has a "write-through" option. When activated, everything written to the RAM disk is saved to a (real) file. This means that the next time you mount the RAM disk, all the contents are still there. This helps protect against data loss in the event of a crash or power failure.
  • ramBunctious uses normal application memory. This means that when youire done using a RAM disk, that memory is available for other applications to use. In other words, you donit have to reboot to reclaim the memory.
  • Each RAM disk may be configured to be mounted automatically during the computeris startup process.
  • These options, and more, are fully user-configurable for each RAM disk via a status/settings window. In addition to the settings, the status window includes LED-like access indicators that flash when the RAM disk is being read from or written to.
  • ramBunctious is fully AppleScriptable.

What is new in ramBunctious 1.6?

  • Added progress dialogs for long operations such as loading a disk that is many hundreds of megabytes in size.
  • Using navigation services creating and opening disk image files.
  • Default name of new disk image files to end in a ".ramb" extension.
  • Use theme colors for setting windows and progress dialogs.
  • Application is purely PPC code and requires Mac OS 8.6 or higher.
  • Get Info dialog in Finder on a mounted RAM disk now shows better information.
  • When creating RAM disks larger than 32MB HFS+ is the default format.
  • Minor bug fixes.

ramBunctious is available for US$25. You can find more information at the Clarkwood Software Web site.