NATIVE INSTRUMENTS has released a new version of REAKTOR, bringing it to version 4.0, and a new app titled REAKTOR SESSION. REAKTOR is a sound synthesis and sampling app designed for musicians and DJis. The latest version features improved sound tone, new modules, and PRO-53 oscillators. REAKTOR SESSION allows for unlimited access to REAKTOR instruments. According to NATIVE INSTRUMENTS:

NATIVE INSTRUMENTS announces that REAKTOR SESSION and REAKTOR 4 are available worldwide in stores today.

REAKTOR SESSION gives unlimited access to REAKTOR instruments, samplers, effects, and live tools. It includes synthesizers and resynthesizers, samplers and beat-loopers, groove and drum machines, surround and innovative effects, and revolutionary creations never seen before. REAKTOR SESSION also includes access to the ever-growing online library on the NATIVE INSTRUMENTS Web site for a virtually unlimited collection of instruments.

The fourth generation of REAKTOR brings modular music making to an unprecedented level that sounds brighter, smoother, and warmer than everbefore. REAKTOR 4 comes with new modules as well as with an enhanced functionality.

REAKTOR 4 includes the acclaimed anti-aliasing oscillators from the PRO-53 for a rich analog sound. Several outstanding new filter macros provide the backbone for a series of world-class samplers and synthesizers.

You can find more information about REAKTOR 4.0 and the REAKTOR SESSION release at the NATIVE INSTRUMENTS Web site. REAKTOR 4.0 is free for registered users, while the full version available for US$499.00. REAKTOR SESSION is a available for US$249.00.