REALbasic Graph Class Available

MacSOS has released Graph Pro 1.4, a class for creating flicker-free graphs with REALbasic. Graph Pro 1.4 adds the ability to add highly stylized azis lables to any graph, along with a host of other feature enhancements. According to MacSOS:

GraphPro v1.4 has been released. GraphPro makes it easy to add graph to your REALbasic projects. Here is a small example of the code needed to generate a simple linear graph:

for i = 1 to 8


GraphPro v1.4 - A flicker-free graphing class for REALbasic v2.1 and greater.

New Features in v1.4

  • Complex styled AXIS labels, including Symbols, SuperScript and Subscript.
  • The drag direction for axis labels can now be constrained to specific planes.
  • Background pictures and coloured gradients for plots, legends, axes and nodes
  • Axes can now autosize upper and lower bounds.
  • Custom, front-to-back ordering, of curves.
  • Line of Best fit (ie "trend Lines") for individual curves.

    Graph Pro is available for US$75. You can find more information, including a full list of features, at the MacSOS web site.