RE:Vision Effects Twixtor 4.5 Becomes FxPlug for FCP

RE:Vision announced on Thursday that they are now shipping Twixtor 4.5 for Appleis Final Cut Pro as an FxPlug plugin, the native format for FCPis effects plugins. Previously, version 4.5 for Final Cut Pro was only available as an After Effects-compatible plugin.

"Twixtor enables users to speed up, slow down image sequences with visually stunning results. In order to achieve its unparalleled image quality, Twixtor synthesizes unique new frames by warping and interpolating frames of the original sequence ... employing RE:Vision Effectsi Academy Award winning technology that calculates motion for each individual pixel," Peter Litwinowicz told TMO.

The key change in version 4.5 was the significantly improved tracking features, and now thatis available for FCPis architecture. Another key advantage for the FxPlug version is that it can process images in 10 bit YUV format. The After Effects-compatible version only works in 8 bits per channel within FCP, but can also run in After Effects, combustion and Premiere Pro Mr. Litwinowicz explained to TMO.

Finally, "the FxPlug version is the better alternative when using Twixtor within FCP because it is Appleis native effects plugin format," Mr. Litwinowicz added. "Apple is continuing to add new features for FxPlug plugins, and as such there are greater future opportunities for Twixtor within FCP in the FxPlug version. Additionally, it is hoped to include Twixtor support for Motion and Final Cut Express in a future release of the FxPlug version."

The Twixtor FxPlug or After Effects-compatible Plugin, Regular version is priced at US$329.99. The RE:Vision Website also lists the Pro version as well as upgrade options.