RNSoft Shipping New Dock Utility

RNSoft is shipping a new app for Mac users, MultiDock 1.1. MultiDock is a utility designed for dock-switching. The app ships with user defined custom dock creation and switching. According to RNSoft:

RNSoft President & CEO Ronald Northrip today announced the immediate availability of MultiDock version 1.1.

Unlike other Dock-switcher applications or application launchers, MultiDock isnit intended to replace Appleis carefully crafted and effective Dock. MultiDock extends the dock by adding a dockling menu that allows the user to create multiple Docks and switch between them.

MultiDock allows the user to create Docks for particular tasks and to switch between them as their workflow demands. The user can limit each Dock instance to just the applications, files, and folders that are relevant to the task at hand.

You can find more information about the MultiDock release at the RNSoft Web site. MultiDock is available for US$15.00 until August 15th.