ROM Update Available For BridgeIt FireWire To SCSI Converter has released a firmware update for their BridgeIt FireWire to SCSI converter box. The BridgeIt hub/repeater allows users to connect SCSI enabled devices to the FireWire ports on their newer computers. According to

BridgeIt is a combination 1394 to SCSI converter and 1394 HUB and repeater that allows the user to connect SCSI devices to the FireWire port on a host computer.

BridgeIt brings support to multiple SCSI devices, such as hard drives, CD-R/RW, tape, MO, removable media devices, scanners and printers in a SCSI chain, all connected to one FireWire port.

pdate Utility for the BridgeIt FireWire to SCSI converter. This utility updates the firmware from v201 to v301 (FW301.mot). This v301 firmware upgrade to all BIT boxes brings added stability when used with the FW Extension and also, brings support to a full chain of 7 SCSI devices. The Company also reported that the SIM Extension for Mac OS, bringing support to scanners, printers and CD-R/RW, is pending release in late June / mid-July.

The Bridge It FireWire to SCSI Converter is available for US$179. You can find more information at the Web site.