RPGMapMaker 3.0.0 Now Shipping

Francois Menneteau has released a new version of RPGMapMaker, bringing it to version 3.0.0. RPGMapMaker is a utility designed for creating custom maps for use with role-playing games. The latest release adds several new features including a redesigned UI and tool enhancements. According to Francois Menneteau:

Francois Menneteau announced today the release of RPGMapMaker, a tool for drawing maps with polygonal grids.

This kind of maps are used in Role Playing Games, but can be designed for any other purposes. RPGMapMaker 3.0.0 is made with REALbasic from REAL Software, Inc.


  • The interface has been changed to improve simplicity and ease of use (there are less floating windows,similar functionalities have been regrouped, etc.)
  • (Clipboard Window) Size of the clipboard contents in either pixels, cm or in
  • (Tool Layer Pallet) You can now select on which layer the random generator tools are working
  • (Terrain Editor) You can now modify the x and y radius of the round rectangle tool
  • (Polygon Color Filling) Control-clicking while this tool is on, brings the shadow direction popup menu.This automatically creates a shadow border of the desired shape
  • (Selection) If you control-click into a selection, the filter popup menu appears allowing you to apply atransformation (rotation, blur, etc.) to the selection
  • The documentation is again available online
  • Most dialogs remember their screen positions
  • Mouse cursors have a better look
  • (Fatal) Alert dialogs are somehow more explicit
  • and more...

You can find more information about the RPGMapMaker 3.0.0 release at the Francois Menneteau Web site. RPGMapMaker is available for US$34.00.