RPGMapMaker Updated With New Modules And Menus

Francois Menneteau has released an update for RPGMapMaker, bringing it to version 3.5.0. RPGMapMaker is a utility designed for creating custom maps for use with role-playing games. The update adds several new features including new modules and effeects menus. According to Francois Menneteau:

Francois Menneteau announced today the release of RPGMapMaker, a tool for drawing maps with polygonal grids.

This kind of maps are used in Role Playing Games, but can be designed for any other purposes. RPGMapMaker 3.5.0 is made with REALbasic from REAL Software, Inc.


  • Architecture. Some RPGMapMaker features are now implemented as modules (small applications). Modules provide features that are either not frequently used or are memory hog. Modules are available as separate downloads
  • Updater module. This module as its name implies allows you to check for new update. It is automatically launched when RPGMapMaker starts (this can be deactivated in the preferences) and there is also a menu item that allows you to manually check for updates
  • Browser module. This module allows you to search your disks for RPGMapMaker maps and terrains libraries and to see a preview of each selected map or library. Of course, you can also use it to open a RPGMapMaker map
  • Generators module. This module replaces both the Terrain Generator and the Random Maze Generator pallets
  • Texturer module. This module replaces the Textures Pallet. It also allows you to remember and restore up to 17 textures thus avoiding you the hassle of having to navigate through the various textures libraries
  • (Tools Pallet) Distance Measurer tool. It allows you to follow a path (a road for example) and get the corresponding distance based on the current polygon width and unit. The information appears at the right of the Map Coordinates area
  • On the RPGMapMaker site, there is now a page for custom terrains libraries
  • Effects menu. All the filters algorithm are now located into that menu. As a direct consequence, there is no longer a filter popup menus in the Terrain Editor dialog, the clipboard window, the Terrains Tools pallet and when control-clicking into a main window selection
  • Filters: Grayscale, Negate, Focus enhance, Emboss (relief map), Color Mask, Color Filter

You can find more information about the RPGMapMaker update at the Francois Menneteau Web site. RPGMapMaker is available for US$34.00.