Rare Mac Promotional Book On Sale At eBay

The Mac, as you likely well know, is 20 years old this year, and Mac fans everywhere are looking ways to celebrate. One way might be to give yourself a piece of Apple history, say, a rare promotional booklet that was designed to show off the Macis capabilities to graphic design and print shops back in "the day." Such a document is being offered for sale on eBay. Hereis the description:

This book was sent to us directly from Apple to introduce us to the Mac and how we could use this machine as a tool. Needless to say this book is what sold the company on the Mac and today we are a proud all Mac design and Print shop. Anyhow, back to the book. Its roughly 11x17 and has a little wear ( it was in a box with a bunch of old syquests, and MO disks, remember those!) The truly amazing part of this book is what it contains, its spiral bound and each page has a smaller 8.5x11 page bound in, that demonstrates what they rest of the page is talking about. This is amazing for that time, there are real transparencies, slides, negatives, 1 color, 2 color 4 color examples and a couple of floppies!.

Working in the print and publishing workd today this is a history lesson as to where we were and how far we have come. To put somehting like this together today would be a task, but to do it then, all on a computer is mind boggling. You can imagine the cost involved in producing something like this and my research has come up with a number between 100-500 for the total production. One source said as little as 50 are floating out that as it was killed almost as soon as the thing was done. How it got into our hands is all luck. Its a great example of the Apple excess and history, perfect for the 20th Anniversary of the Mac.

There are additional photos, too, showing slides, transparencies, and other items that were produced on the Mac. Even if you donit bid, you should check it out and see some of the amazing things Macs could do 20 years ago.