Rayner Software Releases New Battery Life Monitor

Rayner Software is now shipping a new app for Mac users, iBatt 1.0. iBatt is a utility designed for monitoring and tracking PowerBook battery data information. The app features total capacity reporting in graph or numerical data and general charge level display. According to Rayner Software:

Rayner Software released iBatt. iBatt is the most full-featured PowerBook battery monitor and diagnostic tool available for the Mac.

iBatt digs deep into the system to get every bit of available battery data. The OS only reports your charge level, but iBatt reports total capacity as well as voltage. This lets you know how worn out your
battery is, and whether or not itis time to replace it. Battery data can be viewed in either graph or numerical format. The graphing window provides a flexible data view, allowing you to view trends over the course of 10 minutes, up to one month. The statistical view shows you all the current numbers for your battery. It covers Capacity, Charge, Voltage, and State.

You can find more information about the iBatt release at the Rayner Software Web site. iBatt is available for US$15.00.