Rayner Software Releases New Internet Privacy Utility

Rayner Software is now shipping a new app for Mac users, NetShade. NetShade is a utility designed for hiding a users IP address when visiting Web sites for expanded privacy. The app features anonymous proxy servers downloading with ping times. According to Rayner Software:

On February 23 Rayner Software announced its latest OS X title, NetShade. NetShade takes a new approach to Internet privacy by dynamically routing your Web connection through a worldwide network of proxy servers. This makes your Web presence completely anonymous, and shields your IP address from prying eyes.

NetShade connects daily to the NetShade server to download a freshly updated list of anonymous proxy servers, complete with uptime data and recent ping times. This ensures that youill always be using the fastest available proxies. NetShade uses standard OS X configuration methods to modify your connection, and is compatible with all standard OS X browsers.

You can find more information about the NetShade release at the Rayner Software Web site. NetShade is available for US$25.00.