Ready Or Not, MPEG-4 Is Coming!

Sorenson Media has announced that it has released the beta of Sorenson MPEG-4 in January 2001. MPEG stands for Moving Picture Experts Group, which is the name of a family of standards used for the coding of audio-visual information in a digital compressed format. According to Sorensen Media:

MPEG-4 standard has the necessary quality and industry support to do for Web multimedia what MPEG-2 did for digital television.

Sorenson MPEG-4 is compliant with the ISO MPEG-4 specification, guaranteeing that Sorenson-encoded MPEG-4 will have the broadest possible playback audience. Norm Doyle, VP of Engineering for Sorenson Media puts it this way: "Weive taken our ISO-complaint MPEG-4 then surrounded it with all the great features Sorenson has come to be known for, like two-pass VBR compression, G4 and PIII optimizations and resiliency against packet loss. The result is a codec of stunning quality that works with the reliability our customers have come to expect."

You can find more information about Sorenson Mediais technologies at their Web site