Real Macs Use UNO

UNO, theme software for Mac OS X, modifies all the different application appearances and gives Tiger a single coherent look, according to Mac 360 on Tuesday.

"I?m officially tired with the messy look of Mac OS X Tiger. Brushed aluminum. Platinum plastic. Plasticky whatever," the author wrote. "Will Apple ever clean up the mess?"

UNO brings to Mac OS X a single look and feel. "In fact, nearly every application begins to have a similar ?classic? look once UNO is installed," wrote Ron McElfresh.

If Apple canit make up its mind, the UNO user can. It is a hack, but a mild one. For those who want to see a preview before testing, there are screen shots.

"... so far, no problems, and no price tag. My Mac looks like a Mac again, and not a modern OS version of a FrankenGUI," Mr. McElfresh concluded.