RedLightRunner Adds 25 New Apple/Mac Items

RedLightRunner has announced that it is offering 25 new Apple paraphernalia items, some of which are unique. RedLightRunner is an online retailer that specializes in Apple and Mac paraphernalia. The company has an autographed autobiography of Steve Wozniak, a very cool sign with Appleis old "Picasso-like" Macintosh logo, some Clarus Yo-Yos, and more. From RedLightRunner:

Over the last two years, weive been searching out amazing Apple Collectibles, and while weive passed most of those finds on to you, there are some items that are so rare, weive kept them in our private collection. Well, now weire going to let you into our vault! Weive added 25 amazing Apple Collectibles that youive never seen before! These items are available in very small quantities, and are extremely rare. Here are a few of the items youill see:

So Far:

  • The First Ten Years of a Vision - Hard-cover book
  • Woz Autographed Biography
  • 5 ft tall vinyl Think Different banners (Buzz, Ghandi, Graham, Picasso)
  • Limited Edition iMac watch (#386 of 500)
  • The Macintosh Story Video Tape (Featuring Jobs and Gates in 1984!)
  • Moof - Clarus the Dogcow Yo Yo
  • iMac Mouse glow-in-the-dark Yo Yo
  • Macintosh "Picasso" Etched Glass lighted dealer sign
  • Original Apple 128K poster, framed
  • Apple Sponsored Kremer Porsche Replica

Plus, weire now offering free shipping on all orders shipped within the US!

So come on over to , and feast your eyes on Amazing Apple Collectibles that youive never seen before, and may never see again!!

You can find more information on the new items at RedLightRunner at the retaileris Web site.