Red vs Blue In Halo World

Many Mac fans are still chaffing over Bungieis defection to the Dark Side. Halo was supposed to be a Mac game. Now, years after its first release on Microsoftis X-Box game system, and then Windows, Halo is finally available for the Mac. That means that many thousands of Mac users are joining the ranks of gamers swallowed up in the world of Halo.

Now, the fact is that there are some people who look at gamers (of all platforms) as people devoid of imagination. Pallid denizens of the dark recesses of their parentis homes playing Halo or Unreal Tournament 2004 into the wee hours of the morning, many people think they have no life, no soul, and no identity other than their digital alter ego. These hapless digital addicts couldnit possibly create anything much less anything entertaining, or so some might think.

Some people would be wrong, however.

Imagine a show based on alter egos that inhabit the world of Halo. These avatars tote guns and wear the strange Halo body armor, but the person inside the armor is just a regular Joe, like you and me, with regular wants and needs, and strange thoughts. It took a group of dedicated gamers to make it happen.

Interested? We hope so, because that show is what we offer to you in this installment of A Cool Waste Of Time.

The show is called Red vs Blue. We call it a show for want of a better word; there are episodes and two seasons (so far), like shows youid find on TV. All are funny and all are available in QuickTime for you immediate viewing pleasure. They are made within the confines of the gameis engine, with dialog (very professionally) added on top of the action. Red vs Blue is very well done, and itis definitely a very cool waste of time.

Note that these are sizable movies, in excess of 20MB each. Be prepared to wait if you are using a 56k modem. Whatis even better is that the site is offering the first season on DVD for a small price.

Who says gamers have no imagination?

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