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The MUG Center has updated its site with information about Apple User Group Regional Liaison Teams, free exhibit hall passes to Macworld CreativePro, and a User Group session at the MacDesign conference. The MUG Center offers centralized information and resources for Mac User Groups around the world. From The MUG Center:

The Weekis Front Page News At The MUG Center


Apple User Groups has announced a new slate of members of the Apple Regional Liaison Team (RLT). The RLT, first announced in January, 2001, has been responsible for increasing visibility for MUGs around the globe, connecting MUGs on a regional basis, and connecting those regions to Apple. The newly expanded team includes full representation for North and South America, Europe, Eastern Asia, Oceania, and includes special representation for online and Final Cut Pro groups. Complete information, biographies and the contact links of team members are available at the Regional Liaison Team page on the Apple web site. Team members include:


  • Roy Atkinson - Down East Macintosh Users Group - Northeast United States
  • Gary Kampel - Palm Beach Macintosh Users Group - Southeast United States
  • Thomas Piper - appleJAC Macintosh Users Group - Central United States
  • Macbeth Vannoy - North Coast Macintosh Users Group (OH) - East Central United States
  • Rex Covington - Houston Area Apple Users Group - South Central United States
  • Chris Kiltz - Josephine County Macintosh Users Group - Northwest United States
  • Lynn Poos - Silicon Mountain Macintosh Users Group - Southwest United States


  • Amaya Gergoff - Caracas Macintosh Users Group - Latin America
  • Colya Kaminiarz - Revelation Macintosh Users Group - Canada
  • Yan Feng - Beijing Macintosh User Group - Eastern Asia (except Japan)
  • Chise Majima - Kinki Macintosh Users Group - Japan
  • Graeme Moffatt - Wellington Mac User Group - Oceania (Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands)
  • Alain Pougeoise - InterMac - Northern Europe
  • Yuan-Yuan Sun - Macintosh Users Switzerland - Southern Europe


  • Gary Adcock - Chicago Final Cut Pro Users Group - Final Cut Pro User Groups
  • Joe & Susan Pipala - Lake Macintosh Users Group - Online Groups



The special user group offer of a free Exhibit Hall Pass for Macworld CreativePro Conference & Expo expires Monday, May 19. If youire even thinking of attending, register now. You can also get 10% off of any conference package now through June 16. Use the special user group discount code, available from your Apple-recognized user group leader or ambassador, to get the discount.



The first of the Macintosh User Group activities for the MacDesign Conference in Chicago have been announced. Join Apple User Group Advisory Board members Lesa Snider and Lorene Romero in the Birds Of A Feather session, "Why User Groups Are A Great Resource." During this MUG- enlightening session youill learn of amazing discounts exclusively for user group members on the latest software, hardware, reference books, conference/expo admissions, and more! Discover the bountiful rewards of reaching out and connecting with your computing community, and start reaping the riches of networking, information exchange, fellowship, and plenty of good, old-fashioned MUG fun.

Look for more announcements soon. If you havenit registered for the MacDesign Conference yet, a special user group discount is still in effect.


Coming Up This Week On The MUG Event Calendar


MAY 19
DEADLINE For Free Macworld CreativePro Exhibit Hall Passes for MUG Members

MAY 20
North Coast Macintosh Users Group - Jim Heid

MAY 22
LatinMUG Chat - World Without Borders Chat

You can get more information at The MUG Centeris Web site.

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