Release Date For FILTERiT Announced

CValley has announced a shipping date for the next version of FILTERiT, version 4.1. The new version of the Adobe Illustrator plug-in adds new features. According to CValley:

CValley, Inc. announced that their latest version of Adobe Illustrator plug-ins, FILTERiT4 will be ready to ship on March 15th, 2001.

Some of the new features include the "Trace" feature added on the FILTERiT Tools, 3D Transform and Fractalize and more.

FILTERiT4 provides a wide variety of options, from simple distortion to 3D Transform on outlined objects. With 3D Transform filters, your objects can be transformed into spheres, spirals, donuts, or cylinders with just a click of the mouse. Preparing images for Web animation is made simple with the Trace option. This option also lets you produce motion blur effects by using Illustrator 9.0is transparency capability.

The 3D Transform filters come in 12 different shapes and forms. 3D Transform make FILTERiT4 exceptional because of its refined algorithms for bezier curve. Version 4 makes this feature even easier and speedier than ever before. It not only allows you to rotate the object after the effect is being applied around the XYZ axis but you can rotate the original object even before you apply the effect so that creating various transformations is possible.

Another major addition is Fractalize. This feature allows you to create the segments of the object appear rough and zigzag. This feature was evolved to improve the Illustrator 9is "zigzag" and "rough" live effects combined together and to an even more powerful effect. Using the Illustratoris Appearance and Style functions together with this effect will add more creativity to your artwork.

The company expects to release the Windows version as well in May.

FILTERiT will be available for US$129 and you can find more information about it at CValleyis site.