Remote Control Mac?

Webb Toys software has released a new program that allows users to control their Mac, remotely, from any browser on any platform anywhere in the world. Personal Site Administrator works via a series of cgi scripts that reside on the host computer, that can be activated from another browser. While not as full featured as Timbuktu, Personal Site Administrator certainly gives experienced users control over mission critical aspects of their Mac based server. According to Webb Toys:

Personal Site Administrator lets you control your Mac (server or otherwise) over the Internet, via any web browser.

PSA ships with 12 powerful pre-set commands that give you control over most aspects of the file system on your Mac, can execute SuperCard SuperTalk in real time, and can compile and run AppleScripts on the server, all via any web browser on any platform.

PSA can set the server clock, download files not available via the web server, view files on the server, launch and quit programs, get directory listings, and much more, all from any browser. Perfect for remote site administration, or just as a method of always having info on your Mac available to you. And yes, it features password protection.

There are two purposes behind this program. The first (well, original) is to allow webmasters to control and remotely interact with their Mac servers from any browser anywhere in the world. The second use, and possibly an even more exciting one, is to allow a Mac user the ability to retrieve data from their Mac remotely from any browser on any platform.

Thus this program. It lets you (via any web browser) check your servers, interact with them, launch and quit programs, read files, etc., from anywhere in the world. You can even compile and run AppleScripts, or if that AppleScript is too strict for your tastes, you can use straight SuperTalk, which is very nearly English.

Even if you donit have a true server, you can run this with Personal Web Sharing to retrieve data from your home or office system remotely.

Personal Site Administrator is available for US$50. You can find more information at the Webb Toys web site.