Remote Favorite Internet Utility Released From If Then Software

If Then Software has released a new app for Mac users, My Favorites Martian 1.0. My Favorites Martian is an internet utility designed for publishing and subscribing to Explorer and Chimera favorites via remote FTP sites. The app supports Jaguar. According to If Then Software:

My Favorites Martian (1.0) is a program that will allow you publish and subscribe to your Internet Explorer or Chimera (Navigator) favorites to and from a remote FTP site.

It was designed to keep all of your favorites in sync on whatever computers you work on, whether at home, work or on the road. (DonationWare, Mac OS 10.2 & above)

You can find more information about the My Favorites Martian release at the If Then Software Web site. My Favorites Martian 1.0 is available as donationware.