Report: Apple Plans 15-Inch iBook

Apple Computer may have plans for a new 15.4-inch iBook which would be introduced anytime after September of this year, sources have told DigiTimes.

A report on the Asian IT Web site claims Appleis existing iBook manufacturer, Asustek, will begin manufacturing the new model as well as 12.1-inch models of the iBook and PowerBook.

The report said Quanta Computer will manufacturer the new model, making it a dual producer of iBooks along with Asustek.

Quanta will also manufacture and ship a 14.1-inch iBooks as "early as the fourth quarter 2006 DigiTimes reported. It is not known if the 15.4 widescreen model will ultimately replace the 14.-1inch model.

The iBook family was last refreshed in October 2004.

"Asustek estimates that it will ship 1.5 million OEM notebooks in 2005, of which 1.2-1.3 million units will go to Apple," said DigiTimes.