Report: Apple Ranks #63 Amongst World's Most Reputable Companies

In the latest study by the Reputation Institute in New York, Toyota and Google ranked as the first and second companies with the best reputation worldwide. Apple ranked 63rd.

The Reputation Institute, a private research and consulting firm, started its survey in 2006. In this yearis study, the institute surveyed over 60,000 respondents in February and March. The metrics used were based on seven elements of reputation: products and services, innovation, workplace, citizenship, governance, leadership and performance. Products and services and citizenship are most influential.

Amongst companies Apple customers pay attention to, Walt Disney ranked #12 followed by Sony at #35, Hewlett-Packard at #66, Dell at #82 and IBM at #108.

Ken Powell, the CEO of General Mills, which ranked 11th worldwide, said, "We continue to build trust in our brands by paying attention to other consumer priorities such as product innovation, health and wellness benefits, and the sustainability of our manufacturing processes. Holding ourselves to the highest standard on ethics and integrity is part of building that trust."

The report noted that consumer products companies ranked the highest on national and international scales. Telecommunications companies had the worst reputation worldwide.