Resizing Finder Text

One problem with high resolution displays, like Appleis 23 and 30-inch Cinema displays, is that the text accompanying icons and Finder windows may be too small for some people to easily read. Lowering your display resolution will make icons and text appear larger, but you lose overall screen space in the process. Instead, try increasing the type size in the Finder.

Hereis how:

  • Click on the Desktop to make sure that the Finder is the active application.

  • Change Finder type sizes with View Options.
  • Choose View > Show View Options.

  • Choose a type size from the pop-up menu.
  • The default type size is 12 points. Use the Text size pop-up menu to select a larger type size. You can choose from 11 point (smaller) to 16 point (bigger).

12 point type (left) and 14 point (right)

You can resize the type in Finder windows, too. Just open a Finder window before changing the text size in the View Options dialog.

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