Restoring Windows and Tabs in Safari

There are times when you may be working on a project with lots of windows and tabs open. Then Safari crashes and all those links are gone. However, not all is lost; they can be recovered.

If you have several windows open, each with its own set of tabs, it can get fairly confusing. Sometimes, youill close the wrong window and lose all those tabs. Worse, Safari might crash and all the windows and all their tabs go poof. However, you can get them back because Safari maintains a history list right up until a quit or a crash which can be used to restore a session.

Just relaunch Safari and go to the History menu. Select "Reopen All Windows From Last Session." Safari will start to reload every tab and window you had when Safari crashed or when you last quit the application. Spinning snakes in the tab will show the progress loading each one.

If you were logged on to some of those pages, you may need to re-enter your username and password. This tip has saved me many times because my Safari tabs are the queue of articles Iim working on.